Jiří Kylián's Sechs Tänze (2019)

Septime Webre’s Peter Pan (Hook) (2018)

Jennifer Archibald’s Quem viver, verá (2018)

Taylor Carrasco’s Plays Well Together (2018)

Justin Peck’s Murder Ballades (2018)

Garrett Smith's Façades (2018)

George Balanchine's Serenade (Elegie) (2018)

Nicolo Fonte's Carmina Burana (2018)

Travis Wall's Then... Now (2017)

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's Eros Redux (2017)

Jennifer Archibald's Never.Nest (2017)

Ohad Naharin's Minus 16 (duet Mabul) (2017)

Adam Hougland's Cut to the Chase (2017)

Victoria Morgan's King Arthur's Camelot (2017)

Kirk Peterson's Coppelia (2016)

Ma Cong's Near Light (2016)

Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux's Carmina Burana (2015)    

Sasha Janes' Queen (2015) 

Dwight Rhoden's Spun to the Sky (2015)  

Mark Godden's Angels in the Architecture (2015)

George Balanchine's Four Temperaments (2014)

Jiří Kylián's Forgotten Land (2014 and 2015)

Dwight Rhoden's Sit in, Stand Out (2014)

Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux's Cinderella (2014)

Danced at Ballet Across America held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (2013)

Jiří Bubeníček's L'heure Bleu (2013)

Sasha Janes' At First Sight (2013)

Dwight Rhoden's The Groove (2012)

Dwight Rhoden's Gateways (2012)

Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux's Sleeping Beauty (2012)

Danced principal roles in Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux's Nutcracker (2011-present)

Dwight Rhoden's Alleged Dances (2011)

Sasha Janes' Rhapsodic Dances (2011 and 2013)

William Forsythe's In the Middle Somewhat Elevated (2011)

Mark Diamond's How do I Love Thee (2011)

Twyla Tharp's Golden Section (2011 and 2013)

Emery LeCrone's Outflow Boundary (2011)

Mark Godden's Dracula (2010) 

George Balanchine’s Western Symphony (2009 and 2013) 

George Balanchine’s Who Cares? (2009)

George Balanchine’s Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux (2009) 

Dwight Rhoden’s Othello (2009 and 2014) 

Alvin Ailey’s Night Creature (2009) 

George Balanchine’s La Sonnambula (2008) 

George Balanchine’s Stars and Stripes Pas de Deux (2008) 

George Balanchine’s Valse-Fantaisie (2008)